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Toni Nadal – the winningest coach of all-time

14 Grand Slam titles, Career Grand Slam, Olympic Gold medal, 4 Davis Cup trophies, world’s No.1 position,  a long list of feats, records, achievements were written next to his and his nephew’s, Rafael Nadal’s name. You can say many arguments pros and cons, who is the best coach of all-time, however one thing is almost unquestionable and beyond any dispute: Antonio Nadal Homar is the winningest coach in the tennis Grand Slam history. Happy Birthday Toni, who is 54 on February 27!

Maybe even none of the greatest tennis historians shall be entitled to decide who is considered as the best or most successful coach who ever lived. Yet, the most obvious method of resolving such an eternal debate may be based on the science reflecting exactness and clarity: the world of numbers.


BB = Bergelin-Borg


Between 1974 and 1981, the Lennart BergelinBjorn Borg combo won 11 Grand Slam titles (6 French Open and 5 Wimbledon) of 16 Grand Slam finals becoming the first player-coach combination to claim more than 10 major titles in the Open-era. Under Bergelin’s coaching tenure:

  1. Borg became the only player in the Open Era who won three majors without dropping a set;
  2. He remained the only male player to collect the Channel-Slam (both Wimbledon and the French Open) in the same year for 3 consecutive years;
  3. His overall Grand Slam winning percentage (89.80%, at 141-16 W/L) and
  4. His career match win percentage in Wimbledon between 1973-81 (92.73% at 51-4 W/L) stand alone.

Furthermore, as of today, Bergelin’s protege holds 2 remarkable streak-record of all-time; winning 41 consecutive sets at French Open (1979-1981) and being undefeated for 41 consecutive matches in Wimbledon (1976-1980). 2 days shorter than 30 years,between June 7, 1981 and June 5, 2011, Bergelin held the record as the winningest coach in the Grand Slam history (men’s single category) with 11 Grand Slam titles (6 French Open, 5 Wimbledon).


2N = (Toni & Rafa Nadal)  2nd to None


On June 5, 2011, when Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer, Bergelin’s record was equalled by Rafa’s uncle and coach, Toni Nadal. Since June 9, 2013, when Rafael Nadal defeated David Ferrer in the final of Roland Garros in Paris, Toni Nadal took over the lead on the coaches’ rank list with 12 Grand Slam title. The same year, with his nephew’s victory at US Open, they added another Slam to their unparalleled collection, then in 2014, Rafa’s 9th Roland Garros championship solidified Toni’s top position with 14 Major titles ahead of Bergelin.

Rafa’s achievements under Toni:

  1. Rafa became the youngest player in the Open Era who completed the Career Grand Slam;
  2. Rafa is the youngest player who achieved the Golden Grand Slam (4 Majors plus Olympic Gold medal);
  3. Rafael Nadal is the only male player in the history of tennis who won a single Grand Slam tournament 9 times;
  4. He is the first and only male player who won at least 1 Grand Slam for 10 consecutive years;
  5. He is the only male player who holds 3 Major singles titles on 3 different surfaces (clay, grass, hard court) at the same time;
  6. He is the only male player who simultaneously holds the Olympic singles gold medal and Grand Slam titles on clay, grass and hard court;
  7. His career match win percentage in Paris since 2005 (98.5% at 66-1 W/L) stands alone.

Ps.: Rafa and Toni Nadal’s accomplishments are still counting…

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