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RG2018 is Bryan bros’ first missing GS in this century!

The 76 consecutive appearances at Grand Slam stages for Bryan brothers concludes in the City (of Light) where their streak began 19 years ago, in the last century. Jaw-dropping, unique, fascinating, what an incomparable durability test accomplished by these two American twin brothers!
Once upon a time, in 1999, arguably the successful doubles pairing of all-time travelled to Paris and looked forward eagerly to compete at their first ever Roland Garros. Unfortunately, their staying in the French capitol was shortened by Bjonas Bjorkmand and Patrikc Rafter who sent Bob and Mike to pack up in the second round. Bryans needed 4 more trips to France claiming their first ever Grand Slam title (of the record 16) in 2003 as without dropping a set, they defeated the defending champs Haarhuis/Kafelnikov. That time, it was the American boys’ maiden final…
Throughout one of the most remarkable streak of tennis, their resume speaks for itself: 16 Grand Slams, 116 career title, 333 straight Grand Slam matches, 273 wins vs. 60 loss, with 81,98 winning percentage!
Bob, the younger brother by 2 minutes, posted to Instagram on Thursday that his hip injury has not fully recovered since the final of the Madrid Open where the pair had to retire. Their record of Slam run will definitely stand for many decades if not forever…let’s make a time travel back to the last century to see what happened in 1999 besides Bryans’streak started:
– The euro as currency was established,
– the Mars Polar was launched by NASA,
РU.S. President Bill Clinton was acquitted in impeachment proceedings  (Monika Lewinksy-affair),
– the president of Russia was Boris Yeltsin,
– Former Warsaw Pact members Hungary, Poland and Czech joined NATO,
– Shakespeare in Love was awarded as Best Picture at 71st Academy Awards,
– The movie Gladiator was shot between January and May,
– NATO launched air strikes against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, marking the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign state,
– The Melissa worm attacked the internet,
-The brand new Mandalay Bay hotel and casino opens in Las Vegas,
– The Dow Jones closed above the 10,000 mark for the first time,
– Bill Gates’ became the wealthiest individual in the world,
– Nunavut, an Inuit homeland became Canada’s third territory,
– Britney Spears (Baby one more time) and Cher (Believe) were on the music hit list,
– King Hussein of Jordan died from cancer,
– Actors such as Oliver Reed (Proximo in Gladiator) and George C. Scott (Patton) passed away,
– JFK Jr. died in a plane crash,
– Fred Trump (Donald Trump’s father) died,
– Bill Talbert , Hall of Fame tennis player, 8 time US Open champion in doubles passed away,
–¬†Cici Bellis and Denis Shapovalov were born.
And one more significant happening in that year:
Roger Federer played at his first Grand Slam (as the Bryans) at French Open.
How double-edged the life is! The Swiss player’s consecutive Slam streak ended in 2016…where else? You bet. In Paris.
Andras Ruszanov