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Kazuko Sawamatsu to receive the second highest honor

Kazuko Yoshida (née Kazuko Sawamatsu) who serves as the vice president of the Japanese Tennis Association, was selected as a Person of Cultural Merit this year according to the government announcement ahead of the Culture Day on November 3.The former tennis player was born in 1951 in Nishinomiya (Hyogo Prefecture) and raised in a tennis family. At the . . .

Toshihide Matsui wrote history (again)

TOKYO, JAPAN – Last Sunday, at the 96th Japan National Championships every eye in the Bourbon Beans Dome followed one player who stepped on the center court for claiming another title to his illustrious career. He was 43 in April, however he intended to prove once again that there are some gas in his tank . . .

WJP Challenge: the best way to promote tennis

KASHIWA, JAPAN – Less than a year ago, when the idea of WJP Challenge Tennis born in Toshihide Matsui’s mind, perhaps he even himself did not believe that one day his vision would become a reality. Nevertheless the unforeseen outcome convinced and confirmed that it was worth the tremendous effort of many dedicated people: the . . .

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Toshihide “Toshi” Matsui says thank you to his fans (ENG)

Interview with Toshihide Matsui, the oldest active singles player on the ATP rankings


Since 2016, every season the WTA Tour nurtured at least 2 Grand Slam winners wholifted the trophy for the first time in their careers. It is an extremely unfamiliarterritory in the terms of tendency in women’s tennis, since this is the first time in thehistory of tennis that in 5 consecutive years, we have 2 . . .

The last interview with Tony Trabert

Sascha Zverev’s great run

Alexander Zverev ‘s last 3⃣ matches at #nittoatpfinals (2018-19): vs Roger Federer 75 76 (SF 2018) vs Novak Djokovic 64 63 (F 2018) vs Rafa Nadal 62 64 (RR 2019)