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Last test for the last4 – Trivia Wimbledon’15 Semis – Men’s singles

N.DJOKOVIC (No.1) vs. R.GASQUET(No.21) R.FEDERER(No.2) vs. A.MURRAY(No.3)


  • A No. 21 seed* never advanced and played in the Semifinals of Wimbledon Championships in men’s singles category;
    (*Since 1927, it was used an 8-seeded-player system, since 1968 they seeded 16 players and finally since ‘01, 32 players were seeded.)
  • This is the 2nd time in the Wimbledon history that a semifinal was formed by a Serbian (or former Yugoslavian), a French, a Swiss and a British player! (In 2012 was the same nation-format with Djokovic-Federer-Murray-Tsonga.)
  • In the Open-era, it happened 10 times that all 4 members of the semifinal in Wimbledon coming from the same continent (Europe)!
Year Players / Nations
1986 Lendl (TCH) Zivojinovic (YUG) Becker (FRG) Leconte (FRA)
1988 Lendl (TCH) Becker (FRG) Edberg (SWE) Mecir (TCH)
1990 Lendl (TCH) Edberg (SWE) Ivanisevic (YUG) Becker (FRG)
2006 Federer (SUI) Bjorkman (SWE) Baghdatis (CYP) Nadal (SPA)
2007 Federer (SUI) Gasquet (FRA) Djokovic (SRB) Nadal (SPA)
2008 Safin (RUS) Federer (SUI) Schuettler (GER) Nadal (SPA)
2010 Berdych (TCH) Djokovic (SRB) Nadal (SPA) Murray (GBR)
2011 Nadal (SPA) Murray (GBR) Tsonga (FRA) Djokovic (SRB)
2012 Djokovic (SRB) Federer (SUI) Murray (GBR) Tsonga (FRA)
2015 Djokovic (SRB) Gasquet (FRA) Federer (SUI) Murray (GBR)

Since 2009, for 7 consecutive years ONLY seeded male players advanced into the semifinals in Wimbledon (All-time record in Wimbledon in men’s singles category!)

No. 1 seeded player vs. No.10 or lower seeded players

No.1 seeded male player has a perfect record in the semifinals of Wimbledon in the Open-era against a player who was seeded No.10 or lower (unseeded or qualifier):

Year No. 1 seed No.10 or lower seeds
2004 Federer (SUI) GroojeanFRA) No.10
1975 Connors (USA) Tanner (USA) No.11
2014 Djokovic (SRB) Dimitrov (BUL) No.11
1998 Sampras (USA) Henman (GBR) No.12
2007 Federer (SUI) Gasquet (FRA) No.12
1968 Laver (AUS) Ashe (USA) No.13
Year No. 1 seed Qualifiers
1977 Connors (USA) McEnroe (USA)
2000 Sampras (USA) Voltchkov (BLR)
Year No. 1 seed Unseeded Players
1978 Borg (SWE) Okker (NED)
1980 Borg (SWE) Gottfried (USA)
1982 McEnroe (USA) Mayotte (USA)
1984 McEnroe (USA) Cash (AUS)
1986 Lendl (TCH) Zivojinovic (YUG)
1997 Sampras (USA) Woodbridge (AUS)
2006 Federer (SUI) Bjorkman (SWE)
2008 Federer (SUI) Safin (RUS)

When No. 2 seeded player meets No.3…

In the Open-era, it happened 9 times when No.2 seeded male player met No. 3 seeded player in the semifinals of Wimbledon. At the first 6 meetings, always the No. 2 seeded player won, but since 1984 every match-up was won by the No.3 seeded players! Last time 14 years ago…

Year No. 2 seeded player No. 3 seeded player
1971 Newcombe (AUS) Rosewall (AUS)
1972 Nastase (ROU) Orantes (SPA)
1973 Kodes (TCH) Taylor (GBR)
1978 Connors (USA) Gerulaitis (USA)
1980 McEnroe (USA) Connors (USA)
1983 McEnroe (USA) Lendl (TCH)
1984 Lendl (TCH) Connors (USA)
1993 Edberg (SWE) Courier (USA)
2001 Agassi (USA) Rafter (AUS)

(winners’ names are in bold)

Grand Slam titles of the semifinalists

Djokovic 8, Gasquet 0, Federer 17, Murray 2 = 27 Grand Slam titles

The four members of this year’s semifinal have a total 27 Grand Slam titles which means an all-time record in Wimbledon semifinals!

Year No. GS titles Players
2015 27* Djokovic (2), Gasquet (0), Federer (17), Murray (2)
2014 23 Djokovic (6), Dimitrov (0), Federer (17), Raonic (0)
2012 21 Djokovic (5), Federer (16), Murray (0), Tsonga (0)
2000 20 Sampras (12), Voltchkov (0), Rafter (2), Agassi (6)

*Wimbledon record (all-time)

Age-test of the last4

The oldest semifinalists in the last decade (Wimbledon)

In 2015, there are the oldest semifinalists in the last decade and of the 21st century in Wimbledon.
Djokovic and Murray 28-28, Gasquet 29 and the oldest member of the best4, Roger Federer is 33 years old.Their ages are total 118 years which is the highest in the last 15 years in the semifinals of Wimbledon!

Here is the 3 oldest semifinals of Wimbledon in the  21st century:

Year Total ages Players
2015 118 Djokovic (28), Gasquet (29), Federer (33), Murray (28)
2001 114 Henman (26), Ivanisevic (29), Rafter (28), Agassi (31)
2008 108 Safin (28), Federer (26), Schuettler (32), Nadal (22)

Walkover in the last 4

In the Open-era, walkover never happened in the Semifinals at Wimbledon!
The last walkover in the men’s singles semifinal of Wimbledon happened in 1895 when Herbert Baddeley did not play and his brother Wilfred advanced into the final.

Retirement chance in the semifinals

In the Open-era, only one time happened in the men’s singles semifinals of Wimbledon that a player forfeited from the game: In 2007, Novak Djokovic retired in the 3rd set against Rafael Nadal due to his elbow injury.

Comeback from 0-2 down

Comeback from 0-2 down in the semifinal of Wimbledon, it happened 3 times in the Open-era. Last time in 1988.

  1. Rosewall – Smith (1974)
  2. Borg – Connors (1981)
  3. Edberg – Mecir (1988)

5-setters in the semifinals in Wimbledon

In the Open-era, 18 5-setters were played in Wimbledon in the semifinals. Last time in 2013, when Djokovic beat Del Potro in five. Federer, Murray, Gasquet never played 5-setters in the semifinal of Wimbledon.