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Trivia Aussie Open’15: Final – Women’s singles


Serena Williams – Maria Sharapova


-when total 23 Grand Slam singles titles clashed in a women’s Grand Slam final, it was in Wimbledon in 1999 when Lindsay Davenport (1title) vs. Steffi Graf (22 titles); today Serena Williams (18) will meet Maria Sharapova (5).

-when more than 23 Grand Slam titles clashed in a women’s Grand Slam final before today’s final, it was at Roland Garros in 1999 when Steffi Graf (21) vs. Martina Hingis (5). (The record in the Open-era is held by Graf vs. Seles in 1996 US Open with 29 titles.)

This Aussie Open women’s final will be the 8th meeting between a Russian (or former USSR) and a US female player in the Grand Slam history:
1. 1974 RG (Chris Evert vs. Olga Morozova) 6-1 6-2
2. 1974 W (Chris Evert vs. Olga Morozova) 6-0 6-4
3. 2004 W (Maria Sharapova vs. Serena Williams) 6-1 6-4
4. 2007 AO (Serena Williams – Maria Sharapova) 6-1 6-2
5. 2009 AO (Serena Williams – Dinara Safina) 6-0 6-3
6. 2010 W (Serena Williams – Vera Zvonareva) 6-3 6-2
7. 2013 RG (Serena Williams – Maria Sharapova) 6-4 6-4
8. 2015 AO (Serena Williams– Maria Sharapova)

The first 7 match was a 2setter!
W/L record : 6:1 for the US players

In Australia, in a Russian-US women’s final, ALWAYS the US players won.

Maria Sharapova NEVER won Grand Slam title in odd calendar year! (2004 – Wimbledon, 2006 – US Open, 2008- Australian Open, 2012 and 2014 –RG)

Maria Sharapova won ONLY ONCE against non-European opponent (Serena Williams in 2004 Wimbledon), any other time she won her titles against European opponent (Henin, Ivanovic, Errani, Halep).

This Aussie Open is
– Maria 46th vs. Serena 58th Grand Slam appearances;

The final match will be
– Maria 209th vs. Serena 305th Grand Slam singles matches;
– Maria 10th (5-4 W/L) vs. Serena 23rd (18-4 W/L) final appearances.

Winning percentage at Aussie Open
– Maria has 82,75% vs. Serena 88,31%.

3 times of Sharapova’s 5 Grand Slam, Serena was seeded lower than Maria:
2006 US Maria No.3 Serena WC Sharapova won the title
2008 AO Maria No.5 Serena No.7 Sharapova won the title
2012 RG Maria No.2 Serena No. 5 Sharapova won the title

In the other 2 times:
2014 RG Serena No.1 Maria No. 7 however, they did not meet each other!
2004 W Maria No.13 Serena 1. Sharapova won the title

In 2004, in Wimbledon was THE ONLY TIME for Sharapova when Serena was seeded higher than her, however Sharapova could beat her in the final!

This Aussie Open is the 89th Australian Championships (total), and the 47th Australian Open (in the Open-era).

Serena Williams won the

77th Aussie Championships (35th in Open-era) in 2003
79th Aussie Championships (37th in Open-era) in 2005
81st Aussie Championships (39th in Open-era) in 2007
83rdAussie Championships (41st in Open-era) in 2009
84th Aussie Championships (42nd in Open-era) in 2010

Maria Sharapova won the

82nd Aussie Championships (40th in Open-era) in 2008

Serena Williams’s every title came from the odd years, except one from 2010.
Maria Sharapova was champion in Melbourne (as well as in Paris, in Wimbledon and in New York) ONLY in even years!
Their histories in Melbourne….

15 years ago

Serena Williams lost in the Round 16
Maria Sharapova was 12 years and 9 months at the time of the Aussie Open.

10 years ago

Serena Williams won the tournament vs. Lindsay Davenport.
Maria Sharapova lost in the semifinal vs. Serena Williams.

5 years ago

Serena Williams won the tournament vs. Justine Henin.
Maria Sharapova lost in the first round vs. Maria Kirilenko.

and now?

Serena Williams in the final.
Maria Sharapova in the final.

Chasing Helen Wills Moody

If Serena wins ’15 Aussie Open, she will be not only tied with Helen Wills Moody with the 3rd most Grand Slam titles of all-time.
However, Serena will be the all-time record holder of most years between the first and last Grand Slam titles with 16 years between ’99 USO and ’15 AO). Helen Wills Moody (1923 US – 1938 W) and Serena currently tied with 15 years.

16 years Serena. 1999 US. – 2015. AO
15 years Helen Wills Moody 1923 US – 1938 W
14 years Blanche Bingley Hillyard 1886 W – 1900 W
Nancye Wynne 1937 AO – 1951 AO
13 years Charlotte Cooper Sterry 1895 W – 1908 W
Margaret Court 1960 AO – 1973 US
12 years Chris Evert 1974 RG – 1986 RG
Martina Navratilova 1978 W- 1990 W