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US Open’15: Women’s semifinal – Serena Williams vs Roberta Vinci

No. 1 seed Serena Williams takes on the unseeded Roberta Vinci.The world No. 1 female player is bidding for her 26th Grand Slam singles final where she wants to complete her Calendar Grand Slam run. Vinci is making her first ever Grand Slam semifinal and is bidding for her career-first Grand Slam final.

“Serena is Serena,” Vinci said Tuesday. “You have to play better, then better, then better.” Before her 10th US Open semifinal, Serena said about her next opponent: it gonna be “a really great matchup.”  Williams has a commanding lead with 4-0 against Vinci having played on every surface.



Stats – Singles

Serena Williams Roberta Vinci
Total A R W U Total A R W U
GS Appearances 61 15 14 16 16 44 10 11 10 13
GS Matches 324 77 65 89 93 88 18 17 24 29
Years Between The First And Last GS Appearance 17 17 17 17 17 14 9 11 13 14
GS Final Appearances 25 6 3 8 8 0 0 0 0 0
GS Titles 21 6 3 6 6 0 0 0 0 0

Stats – Singles

Serena Williams Roberta Vinci
Tournament AO RG W US AO RG W US
1998 R64 R16 R32 R32 A A A A
1999 R32 R32 A CH A A A A
2000 R16 A SF QF A A A A
2001 QF QF QF RU A A A R128
2002 A CH CH CH A A R128 A
2003 CH SF CH A A A A A
2004 A QF RU QF A R128 A R128
2005 CH A R32 R16 A R128 R32 R128
2006 R32 A A R16 R32 R128 A R128
2007 CH QF QF QF R128 R128 R64 R128
2008 QF R32 RU CH R128 A A R64
2009 CH QF CH SF R128 R128 R32 R128
2010 CH QF CH A R32 R64 R64 R128
2011 A A R16 RU R128 R32 R32 R64
2012 R16 R128 CH CH R64 R128 R16 QF
2013 QF CH R16 CH R32 R16 R16 QF
2014 R16 R64 R32 CH R128 R128 R128 R32
2015 CH CH CH SF R64 R128 R128 SF