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US Open’15: Women’s final – Flavia Pennetta vs Roberta Vinci

Never happened before at the US Open that two Italian players advanced into the final…since 1881…for 134 years. And now, in 2015, Flavia Pennetta and her long-time friend and double partner, Roberta Vinci face each other to decide about this year’s championship. Pennetta leads Vinci 5-4 and this will be their third meeting at Grand Slam level. Pennetta is the oldest first-time Grand Slam finalist in the Open-era with 33 years and 6 months, followed by Vinci with 32 years and 6 months. The winner will  be the oldest first-time Grand Slam champion in the Open-era!

Pennetta and Vinci have the oldest combined age at 66 years 19 days, of any Grand Slam final match-up since 1968.

In the Open era, Marion Bartoli holds the record for most Grand Slam appearances before winning her first tile. Pennetta is contesting her 49th Grand Slam here in New York.

Stats – Singles

Roberta Vinci

Flavia Pennetta
Total A R W U Total A R W U
GS Appearances 44 10 11 10 13 49 12 13 13 11
GS Matches 88 18 17 24 29 126 25 31 31 39
Years Between The First And Last GS Appearance 14 9 11 13 14 12 12 12 12 12
GS Final Appearances 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
GS Titles 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

GS Performance Timeline

Roberta Vinci Flavia Pennetta
Tournament AO RG W US AO RG W US
2001 A A A R128 A A A A
2002 A A R128 A A A A A
2003 A A A A R128 R32 R64 R128
2004 A R128 A R128 R128 R128 R128 R128
2005 A R128 R32 R128 R128 R32 R16 R128
2006 R32 R128 A R128 R32 R32 R16 A
2007 R128 R128 R64 R128 R128 R128 R128 R64
2008 R128 A A R64 R64 R16 R64 QF
2009 R128 R128 R32 R128 R32 R128 R32 QF
2010 R32 R64 R64 R128 R64 R16 R32 R32
2011 R128 R32 R32 R64 R16 R128 R32 QF
2012 R64 R128 R16 QF R128 R32 R128 A
2013 R32 R16 R16 QF A R128 R16 SF
2014 R128 R128 R128 R32 QF R64 R64 QF
2015 R64 R128 R128 F R128 R16 R128 F