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Happy Birthday Naomi!

Happy2⃣2⃣nd birthday Naomi Osaka
-only Grand Slam champion in history born on October 16!
She is the only female player in history winning her 1⃣st b2⃣b Slam 🏆
– US Open Tennis Championships and Australian Open and
– the only 1⃣who did it on2⃣diff continents (America/AUS)+born on a 3⃣rd diff. continent (Asia)

Naomi Osaka 
-1⃣st Asian + only 🇯🇵 player who reached No.1⃣ in singles!
-only 🇯🇵 player who won Toray Pan Pacific Open tournament without dropping a set and winning in her hometown!
-only 🇯🇵 player who won Toray Pan Pacific Open and China Open in the same year!